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the  photographer and his approach


I am always in search of the decisive moment, of a particular light, of an expression, of a flash. What motivates me the most is to capture the natural while remaining a spectator, in contemplation.
My dearest desire is to be able to share my work with people who want it, allowing them to acquire my photographs. I guarantee work carried out by me from start to finish:
taking, image processing, printing, signing and shipping.

A passionate journey

Lorenzo Lepori_SBCC diplôme.jpg


From journalism to photography

Freelance Swiss photographer, I started photography when I graduated in visual journalism in 2013, at Santa Barbara City College (USA).

I had started with editorial journalism because the transmission of information was of great interest to me, as well as the functioning of the media. The basic photo course was an integral part of this training. This is how my passion for photography was born. From then on, I branched out into visual journalism and followed the courses allowing me to extend my knowledge in this field.

I thus had the opportunity to study, both theoretically and practically, the following fields: event photography, studio or outdoor portraits, art photography, nature or urban photography.



Capture the decisive moment

I have always been drawn to nature, the visual arts, reporting, cinema and the media. Photography represents for me the meeting of my passions. It allows me to immediately capture all these moments dear to my heart as well as to be able to share this emotion with you.

“To photograph is to put the head, the eye and the heart in the same line of sight. " Henri Cartier-Bresson

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